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Press Photo: Boye Nythun.

March 29th:
L´illusion (Version Française) // Illusion (2024 Edition)

Bonnie reconnects with her French roots when she and the rest of Bonnie And The Jets release a song in French!

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Coverart L´illusion Photo by Boye Nythun

Untraditional, Fresh and Exotic

With their French alibi, it was a natural step to make this idea a reality. It was especially fitting when they were later invited to play at a festival in France. 


"Releasing this song in French means a lot to me, I wish my grandparents were alive to experience this. But, who knows, they might be watching..."
- Bonnie


“Untraditional, fresh and exotic” are words that could describe the band's next release. 


Perhaps it's true what they say: "Everything sounds better in French"? 


The song came to her at a difficult time during the pandemic.


"You shouldn't believe everything you think" and " can be your own worst enemy and best friend simultaneously, it's important to realize that". - Bonnie 


‘Magnificent, strong, yet intimate and real’ are the words used by the band to describe the song that the soul-rock band will release on Good Friday. 


0047 406 25 141

Press photo by Boye Nythun

Photo: Boye Nythun.

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