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“ "It feels real and authentic, like human emotion expressed through art."  - NeoBorn and Andia Human Show 


“They are different, distinctive and rather mezmerising. They are bursting with collective personality. All of what they do is delivered by a band that obviously dosent care one bit about being conventional and is going their own way without compromise” Rune Fredstad, Kulturblekka


“Bonnie And The Jets will blow your mind!” Roadie Music Mag 


“..One of the most exciting Norwegian bands in many years! Unashamedly good” Kim Shack Petersen, Rockers 

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern music, award-winning Bonnie And The Jets emerge as a beacon of innovation and authenticity. Born from the creative vision of frontwoman Caroline "Bonnie" Bonnet, this eclectic ensemble has carved out a niche for themselves with their soul-stirring sound and captivating stage presence.

Their debut album, released to critical acclaim in August 2022, served as a testament to their musical prowess. Tracks like "Same Old Game" and "Endless Summer" garnered accolades, catapulting Bonnie And The Jets into the spotlight. From the airwaves of American radio stations to the stages of Britain, their infectious melodies captivated audiences far and wide.


  • The song "Endless Summer" clinched the prestigious "Best Song of the Year" award on British Radio WigWam in January 2023.

  • The music video for the debut song "Same Old Game" advanced to the semi-finals of the esteemed ISC (International Songwriters Competition).


Bonnie And The Jets are: 


Caroline “Bonnie” Bonnet  - Lead vocals 

Dagfin Hjorth Hovind - Guitar 

Eiliv Sagrusten - Drums

Kristian Wentzel - Keyboards 

Johanna Dahl Bryne - Backing vocals and percussion

Torstein Guttormsen - Bass 

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