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Norwegian Soul- Rock Band

On August 19th 2022 Bonnie And The Jets released their self-titled debut album! In their own words, their “sound appeals to those that have been messing around in their parents vinyl collection, and inspires listeners to want to!“


With some strong references to the sound of the 60s and 70s, the band’s uniqueness is something that has to be experienced! 


The album consists of eleven songs and is available on vinyl and CD, as well as the usual streaming platforms. 


Guitarist DHH is responsible for the production of the album and drummer Eiliv Sagrusten mixed it. CBB has written 10 of the 11 songs. Additionally, Eddie Hardin, has written parts of “WTC/TT”, Jeff Wasserman has co-written “ES”, DHH has co-written “Somebody” and “IFTEM” is a Carole King cover. Check out the album via the link in the picture below!


Cover art: Martine Hovind

cartoon: Marius Hokstad

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