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Bonnie And The Jets´ song «Endless Summer» was January 20th 2023 awarded with the «Best Song of the Year» 2022 accolade at the Radio Wigwam Awards in London!




Music Videos

Music video - Same old game 2021 
Director: Lina hindrum 
Bonnie And The Jets © 2022

Music video- Far away-Acoustic Version 
Director: Lina Hindrum
Bonnie And The Jets © 2022





Bonnie and the Jets’ sound appeals to those that have been messing around in their parents vinyl collection, or it will make you want to! With some strong references to the sound of the 60s and 70s, the band’s uniqueness is something that has to be experienced! As Rune Fredstad from Kulturblekka put it in his review of the debut song Same Old Game; “They are different, distinctive and rather mesmerizing. They are bursting with a collective personality. All of what they do is delivered by a band that obviously doesn’t care one bit about being conventional and is going their own way without compromise.”


In September 2021, the bands first single finally saw the light of day and was well received by the audience. The video of the same song made it to the semifinals in the well known contest ISC in the music video category. Since then, the band has released five singles from their awaited album that was released in full on August 19th, 2022.

Bonnie and the Jets have now gotten their own cartoon and have already started working on their second album! It turns out that Bonnie and the Jets is an outstanding live band and lives up to the high hopes many have had after hearing their record. 


On the heals of their recent debut album release, the Soul-Rock band took no time to follow-up with a blazing, brand spanking new song that hits all seven chakras and vibrates the listeners’ heartstrings.

"Illusion" was released November 11th. 


January 20th this year, their song "Endless Summer" was awarded with the "best song of the year" accolade at the Radio Wig Wam Awards in London! 


May 26 they released their single REGATTA and proves that they have their feet firmly planted in the rock landscape

Vocals-Caroline "Bonnie" Bonnet

Drums-Eiliv Sagrusten

Guitar, Percussion-Dagfin Hjorth Hovind 

Keys-Kristian Wentzel 

Backing vocals-Johanna Dahl Bryne


Contact info 



Phone:  +47 906 25 141

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